Rapid versus slow. We consider the mindset of a more thoughtful way of living and what the trend characteristics might be for beauty. How can you spot a conscious creation and avoid the more is better fast lifestyle? There are fundamental trends that support a more conscious and holistic style of living.
The amount of plastic we have produced globally since 1950 is approximately the weight of 1Billion elephants and 91% of it is never recycled. It is covering our Earth at a nearly immeasurable rate and never fully integrates back into nutrient soil so why do we accept this material into our lives? We discuss in this short blog the importance of understanding plastics petroleum feedstock, its life cycle, the importance of plastic free products, and the initiatives highlighted by Plastic Free July.


Do you assume that vegan is always better? It turns out plastic is often disguised as being "vegan" to the average consumer. We explain the differences between vegan, cruelty free, and plastic free claims for beauty products. Being vegan is considered the single most impactful way to lower your individual carbon footprint and with that good nature large corporations found a way to relabel and market products to passionate individuals. Yup its a plastic greenwashing tactic.
Harken back to the days of word blending and a single word could say it all: “turducken” “bromance” or in the case of couples “Bennifer.” Now we have the trend of SKINIMALISM which combines the common words of skin + minimalism for the concept of simplicity and healthy skin. We prove that less is more for your regime.
A new higher standard has arrived. Clean and Green beauty have become an everyday facet for cosmetic brands to tout safe and nontoxic ingredients. There is still a lack of focus on packaging materials to house these new better beauty formulas. So we ask what about the consideration of our environment and the company’s impacts? Say hello to Blue beauty.
Fast fashion arrived on the scene taking haute couture runway looks into commercial stores in under two weeks. With the sacrifice of being made cheaply and with inhumane toxic company practices.  We highlight the key aspects of the pushback with slowing down which in skincare is coined “Slow Beauty.” It weighs out the benefits of how having less but better can actually bring more to your life.
Compostable & Biodegradable: two terms that have been utilized for eco friendly products or packaging sound so similar but are they really the same? We dig into the major differences and who wins the prize for the best standard regarding contributing back to the environment.
We explore the dangers of relying on recycling as a tool for waste management and use California as an example of why a more circular system is required if we are to mend a broken system. At the end of the day it may surprise you profits are the culprit. This is why we live by REFUSE, REUSE, REDUCE, AT LAST RESORT RECYCLE.
H20 covers the majority of Earth but is often difficult to retrieve. Conservation is needed for consumption. It is yet to be explored why so many beauty brands launch products with an average of 50-90% water which is shipped globally many times over and ties up precious resources. We believe better products are thoughtfully created without the need for water.