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Solid Skin Serum? Hello Jelly Serum Bar!

We put together a no-nonsense omega rich formula based on Jojoba, Olive, and Squalane that activates when swiped to Nourish + Calm your skin. BLOOM is enriched with lush floral oils each containing naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants to help keep the skin balanced and radiant.  We even the appearance of skin tone with stabilized vitamin C and help tame redness with a specialized licorice extract combined with German blue chamomile. Skin dryness and stressors won’t stand a chance.

BLOOM actively promotes a healthier appearance and superior moisturization for all skin types.


We average 60 days of use or 120 applications*

Free of: Plastic, Fillers, Water, Preservatives, Gluten, Animal Products, Synthetic Fragrance and Dyes. Full ingredient description

View the directions of use and applications here. 

Period After Opening is 24 months

If this is your first purchase with us we highly recommend our Dynamic Duo Starter Kit! Once removed from packaging you require a refillable container to transport BLOOM.






***Container of veggie coated paper should be composted or recycled. Please do not discard.
*60 days is considered an average with twice daily average applications on face.


  • "I work at the LAC USC Medical Center as an ICU Nurse and have been also working in the COVID unit so I am taking this to work with me because it absorbs so fast and smells nice while leaving my skin feeling hydrated. I am excited to wear this under my mask to protect my skin!"
    - Rachel in Los Angeles, California USA
  • "I have always had very sensitive skin and have lived my life only being able to use one line of products EVER. This beautiful bar came along and is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe that there was no issue even using it near my eyes and it truly does work for my face (immediate wrinkle smoothing and plumping!!!) hands, hair, and my dry spots on my elbows. I was skeptical at first but you now have a lifelong fan and devoted buyer! Can’t wait for the next products that launch."
    - April in Manhattan Beach, California USA
  • "Just wanted to say thanks and good job in this unique product. I’ve had this irritable patch of skin between my brows and the bar is really helping to calm the red. It helps when nothing else worked and it smells amazing!"
    - Stephanie in Los Angeles, California USA
  • "I received my order a couple of days ago. The saying -great things come in small packages- can definitely be applied to your product. The serum bar left my face, neck , décolletage and hands so smooth, soft and dewy. I rubbed some through my wet hair and the ends looked so shiny after I dried it. I love the packaging and the cute little container. All in all, a wonderful product! Thanks so much!"
    - Mary in Coto de Caza, California USA
  • "Just wanted to say that I love the serum bar. It feels super silky on my skin and gives me this fresh and luminous glow. It smells amazing too and I love how natural all the ingredients are! Will definitely recommend."
    - Mekyla in Los Angeles, California USA
  • "I originally bought them for gifts for my mom and sister but I thought I'd give it try myself! I wasn't sure if it was "designed" for use by men and I have super dry skin around my nose and also under my beard/mustache - After a few applications it seems to help with that so I am excited to keep using it!"
    - Matt in Pasadena, California USA
  • "I just received the package and used it on my face for the first time and loved it! I noticed my hands were very dry feeling but once I patted down my face the product made my hands soft and smooth as well. I plan to use it everyday it made my skin look so hydrated"
    - Mia in Newport Coast, California USA
  • “ Thank you so much for making this is awesome. I tried it last night and my skin feels great this morning.  I also put it on my son’s sunburnt face and he said it felt better.  Noticed it’s also great as lip balm!!  ❤️ ”
    - Megan in Hermosa Beach, California USA
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