I am a Southern California native who has been working in the beauty industry for fifteen years. Living in Hermosa Beach has cultivated my appreciation for the ocean and a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

My career began in technical ingredients which included application chemistry of raw materials and formulating products. I became obsessed with product development and how it encompassed the balance of artistic creativity alongside science. Over the years, I have worked with many companies, in a myriad of roles, and realized all of us have been conditioned to think "more is better.” This mindset helps sell products but isn’t necessary for your skin. I feel offering innovation required an all-encompassing product+package solution with out of the box thinking. 

It didn’t hit me how wasteful the beauty industry had become until the focus of major retailers turned to sampling programs. They needed a way to push increased product consumption overall and brands needed to promote their complicated skin regimes. The most common sample packaging is meant for 1-2 uses before discarding. Both brands and retailers knowingly produced millions of single use samples for the slim opportunity to upsell. Ironically, sustainability talks had already taken main stage in marketing claims, but very few companies wanted to be transparent on how they were producing clean formulas and supporting sustainability. In my mind this was the very heart of bad practices and the negative basis behind "green washing.” It prompted me to research materials for biodegradability and composability while questioning the common reasons for choices made regarding ingredients and componentry. I concluded that we were merely following old school practices and there was so much room for improvement. It became my passion and dream to innovate skin care that didn’t need to be contained in single use plastic bottles and jars while encompassing sustainability in all areas. I put my dream into motion and formulated the products for DEW MIGHTY so that I could choose the best suppliers and ingredients for the line which began with our best selling unique technology- Jelly Serum Bar. 

I love learning and acquiring knowledge but I am not an environmental expert. I am merely a woman who wanted to change my own habits and share information with others while on my journey. Striving for Zero Waste is the very essence of how we create our products so we can love our skin and our planet. The passion to make great products still drives me to search for the best our industry has to offer and deliver them to you unwrapped.