What does it take to launch a slow beauty product that rocks the status quo, while still meeting those core sustainability standards that make it all worth it? Is it even possible?

Enter Lucid: our newest DEW MIGHTY product, and the fruit of our nearly two-year labor that has tested our team time and again.  

It was hundreds (maybe a thousand?) formula iterations and years of formulating plus testing. One entire year dedicated to the packaging development and sample prototypes. All the details were thought out from materials to fill weight. Considering all shapes and sizes. In the beginning of the process, the date to launch was scheduled for 12 months after inception. Now here we are 24 months later, and I had to take a moment to pause and share the journey.

This may sound surprising, but each time I start a project, I always believe that it will “finish on time” (whatever that might be). I knew after launching a one-of-a-kind solid serum this next product had to be the best of the best in a multi-tasking cleanser that did more than just foam on the skin. I want something that adds value to my routine and busy life, not takes away from it.

Let’s begin with the hard fact that many cleansers are not made to protect your healthy skin barrier and deliver actives. You may not be aware of the level of surfactants in your cleanser, but your skin sure does. When something has aggressive acids, exfoliants, or cleansing agents in a formula your face will show it. The only problem ends up being that most people won’t pinpoint the cleanser for their skin ailments but usually target the other products in their regime. If you make the barrier stripped of its natural protectant for the sake of daily cleaning, you are left with a thin or open barrier ready for intrusion. That includes unwanted aggravators like bacteria or pollution but also even other skincare products that can sensitize and be too aggressive. 

Lucid is different.

By sourcing a gentle surfactant we were able to balance it in harmony with other nutrient-rich skin actives that deliver skin cleaning with benefits that keep your barrier strong and healthy. We continue to avoid the bulky fillers and choose the pure high performing ingredients. Nothing but sustainably sourced ingredients plus plastic-free packaging to give your skin and the earth the care they deserve. Using butterfly pea flower extract, spirulina, and more good-for-the-skin elements, we are able to bring you another refillable, planet-positive skincare hero. 

Are you noticing it doesn’t make flash foam? That might be because of our high levels of Niacinamide, Rice Aminos, Clays, and Superfoods instead of high levels of stripping surfactants. Yup, we still concentrated our formula, but we found a sweet spot of  90% skin-loving actives and less than 10% of mild cleansing agents (like Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate). That is why a little goes a long way, and the list of benefits is a mile long.


What’s in the Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder, and why do these ingredients matter? 

As with all of our products, we believe that those benefits start with our carefully-selected ingredients. We only put the best in Lucid, both in their skin-boosting benefits and their sustainably-sourced origins. 

Lucid combines the purifying action of a gentle foaming cleanser, spot treatment, and detoxifying mask. Banish any dullness with our mix of pineapple enzymes and vitamin B3. Bromelain and niacinamide help dissolve rough skin while brightening, clarifying, and hydrating skin for your best complexion yet. 

Lucid’s ingredients don’t just take away the bad: it leaves skin better than we found it. We combine kaolin and hectorite (our mineral rich clays) to draw out impurities, while our butterfly pea flower extract and spirulina algae mix ( two very powerful superfoods) nourishes and strengthens your skin’s barrier with vital minerals and antioxidants that protects your skin at the cellular level. 

Not only will your skin feel better, but your eco-conscience will be soothed too. We obtain our butterfly pea flower extract via a co-op of small family-owned farms, all of which grow their clitoria ternatea using organic and sustainable practices in their remote regions. Our mineral clays are sustainably mined with recognized safe practices by SEDEX 4 pillar audit by SMETA (an internationally recognized social audit standard for supply chains). Plus our Bromelain is upcycled parts that would normally go unused. Each and every aspect was carefully reviews and chose for performance and Plant health in mind.


How do you use the Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder? 

Lucid isn’t just great for skin; it’s easy to use, too. 

First, sprinkle a small amount of the powder into your palm and gently add water. Once the powder is hydrated, lather Lucid in your hands and rub the product into moist skin to cleanse with ease. Depending on the level of water added you’ll notice a quick light soft paste and light bubbling, without the flash suds. Once massaged into skin and rinsed, there will be a freshness and clean feeling that's undeniable. All without the dry skin tightness. the usual obnoxious suds and bubbles that come with stripping cleansers.

You can even use Lucid as a detoxifying mask: simply hydrate the powder until you see a thick paste-like consistency, and then apply onto your skin. After a few minutes, rinse off  for an obvious mattifying fresh glow it leaves behind. Have a few oily spots or blemish-prone areas? Dab that paste and use as a powerful spot treatment for targeted skin purifying benefits.

Lucid fits into any routine, no matter your skin type (yes another all participant zero irritation study signed off by a Dermatologist just like we performed with BLOOM!). This enzyme cleansing powder is formulated for its gentle high impact performance and recommended for any skin type. Pairing it with our solid serum gives you an out-of-this-world 2-minute routine all busy skin care lovers dream about. 

Lucid acts as an easy fit for any routine, no matter the skin type (passed our all participant zero irritation study by a Dermatologist!). This Enzyme Cleansing Powder is formulated for its gentle yet high impact performance so we recommend twice-daily use. Swiping our nourishing and moisturizing solid serum for step two will achieve an out-of-this-world fast skincare routine that all busy beauty lovers crave. 

Removing makeup and love a double cleanse? Our Immaculate Duo and Dynamic Duo have you covered. Start by swiping the BLOOM Serum Bar all over the face and you will see pigments begin to dissolve. Follow up with the Lucid cleansing powder to fully remove off of your skin without the need for additional products.  


What are the Lucid containers made of? 

Per usual we went beyond safe, sustainable and performing ingredients and also dug deep into our refill packaging to ensure we met our standards or lightweight and robust packaging with materials that are meant to refill for a lifetime and compost.

The Immaculate Duo Purity Starter is our refillable container with an additional refill tube for a two month supply of product! The permanent metal container is custom designed for upholding a 24 month PAO and remains plastic free. All of our refill tubes fit perfectly for spill proof recharge and are printed with plant inks printed on FSC paper to remain lightweight, travel-friendly, and sleek in its design. All components together thoughtfully considered to be light, strong, and suave: the perfect slow-beauty combination. 

We custom-designed an aluminum alloy container with a stainless steel logo that can be refilled with our paper tubes. This upholds our prevention of unneeded plastics by opting for a container that is lightweight, travel-friendly, and sleek in its design. Light, strong, and suave: the perfect slow-beauty combination. 


Not just another cleanser—and not just another launch

Creating Lucid took many restless nights and pivots in formula testing. Still, this cleanser is aptly named: at the end of it all, it just makes sense. Seeing the custom packaging and the results from the formula made me proud to say we were able to uphold our high company standards without sacrifices to performance or our sustainability mission. 

This product isn’t just another cleanser, and it certainly isn’t just to check off a box: Lucid is way beyond that. It’s the invention and intention of DEW MIGHTY that is out to prove sustainability can be the core value of its business.  Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it—with one swipe of our Lucid cleansing powder, you’ll be able to see it for yourself.