Do you read an ingredient deck and automatically start to break it down thinking you are knowledgeable and that its fully transparent? We have some interesting news for you. Most INCI names in the US are missing at least 50% of the information. AND THIS IS OK BASED ON US LABELLING LAWS. Read on if you want to learn more about the art, science, and greenwashing of IL for cosmetics.
Does it surprise you to learn that plastic and beauty ingredients are derived from petroleum and supported by the gas industry? 30% of Exxon Mobile's earnings was from packaging and products made from gas but that's their dirty little secret. In this short writeup we highlight the most common materials and ingredients so that you can find if the products you are using are coming from a pump.
You may have heard the term “forever chemicals,” but you may not know one of the most notorious members of this group: PFAS. These harmful substances are so abundant in our food, clothing, and cosmetics that PFAS have even been found in human blood (yikes). If that’s not bad enough, they are associated with a smorgasboard of health issues. Let’s break down the definition of PFAS, where you can expect to find them, ways they might be impacting your self-care, and how our products DEW the work to keep PFAS out of the equation.
For big beauty brands, waste is part of their policy. Toxic return practices (including destroying perfectly good products) add a major annual burden to our landfills while providing a tax write-off to those producing the waste. Corporate greed and obsession with maintaining a “luxury” image mean major retailers continue to trash billions of pounds worth of returns yearly—but you found DEW. We reduce waste by sampling your beauty products ahead of time in zero waste packaging.

What if you could reduce your cosmetics cabinet to a single item? We’re not being dramatic: our trailblazing BLOOM bar can heal sunburns, knock out bug bites, soothe skin conditions (eczema sufferers!), and change the game for red, dry, and itchy skin. Learn how BLOOM works its healing/protective/restorative magic to make the rest of your skincare products seem irrelevant with one single solid skincare serum.

Plastic but make it from plants. Is this really better? Packaging companies boast a plastic that is non-toxic technology for a solution against pollution but what does the chemistry support? We breakdown (pun intended) the ins and outs of what it means to be made from a vegetal source and why the end result may surprise you.
It’s time to clean out the closet for new summertime fits—but where does your old clothing end up? Most new apparel has plastic in its fabric, including tennis shoes and sneakers, which are notoriously difficult to recycle. That’s why we’re participating in Plastic Free July, an initiative to reduce the environmental burden of plastic waste. We are DEWing our part by teaming up with local businesses to prevent sneakers from ending up in our landfills.

Better than a cleanser our latest launch takes all the benefits of a skin detoxifier and superfood to add more benefits instead of subtract. Long gone are the days of many steps and minimal benefits when considering skincare products- who has time for that? We take a deep dive into what this mighty enzyme cleansing power can do to game change your skin routine.