There is a lot of chatter about our first technology, Jelly Serum Bar, We had to share all the articles and videos that show who we are and what others are vocalizing. Take a look below! 
Press coverage
"Streamline your skincare routine with this water-free bar that hydrates, repairs, brightens and tones the skin in one go. The antioxidant-rich bar also contains chamomile and licorice extract to soothe redness and inflammation. Skincare couldn't get simpler than this!"
Everything You Need To Know About Waterless Beauty
Forbes - August 31, 2021
"I started to really look for products that are multi-use or large enough to last some time. Not only does streamlining save a tremendous amount of space, but also time and money."
I'm a Fashion Editor Whose Beauty Routine Is Totally Plastic-Free
Marie Claire - July 01, 2021
"Ever heard of a solid serum? You’re about to. Tiffany Buzzatto, who has a Taiwanese background, founded the brand to provide high quality and super eco-friendly beauty"
The Best Asian-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
HELLO GIGGLES - May 24, 2021
"We are particularly delighted to discover new, up-and-coming businesses that are taking the beauty world by storm not only for their effective formulas, but also for their sustainable practices — not to mention their sleekly designed products will look really good in your bathroom #shelfies. Good for you, good for the planet."
HYPEBAE - April 28, 2021
"Looking to ditch plastics? Your medicine cabinet is a surprisingly easy place to start."
12 Low-Waste Beauty Products for a More Eco-Friendly Routine
W MAGAZINE - April 22, 2021
"Hydrate skin, check. Clear space on vanity and reduce water consumption — double check! Amazon named "waterless beauty" as one of the top beauty trends for 2021, and it’s no surprise we’re seeing more and more beauty products being packaged as solid, waterless formats. "
Say I Dew 💦 Meet Tiffany Buzzatto, Founder of DEW MIGHTY
The Skindie - April 04, 2021
"The truth is that living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle isn't the easiest thing (especially not in the beauty industry), but in the last year, there have been a ton of brands that have made an effort to produce high-quality products that come in recyclable packaging or refillable materials that help consumers produce less waste"
27 Refillable Beauty Products That'll Help You Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle
POPSUGAR - April 02, 2021
"We are taking a moment to celebrate and support Asian beauty businesses and brand owners. From brands who have stimulated innovation in the skincare space to influencers-turned-founders who have totally changed the way we experience beauty."
16 Asian-Owned Beauty Brands To Support Now And Forever and ever and ever.
ELLE - March 23, 2021
"We launched Beauty Independent to provide information to help indie beauty brands as they fight to gain traction in a beauty market dominated by big conglomerates, often against long odds. BIPOC entrepreneurs are at the heart of the indie beauty segment, and we are dedicated to amplifying their voices, including the voices of AAPI founders."
More Than 200 Asian American- And Asian-Owned Beauty Brands And Retailers To Support Now And Forever
Beauty Independent - March 24, 2021
"I can't stress enough the importance of incremental changes and tests."
Tiffany Buzzatto on pioneering unbottled, undiluted, and uncomplicated slow beauty with her brand DEW MIGHTY
ENTREPRENISTA - April 06, 2021
"The WH Beauty Team handpicked and sweat-tested the best products for your active lifestyle. The serum-in-a-bar nixes redness and lasts for 60 days of use."
Beauty Closet MVPs
Women's Health Magazine - March 15, 2021
"Better bet: Streamlined routines with minimal products If you can, look for products that have multiple uses. That way, you won’t have to buy so many things that only have one purpose, and you can pare down your environmental impact."
Red Light, Greenwash: 6 Faux Eco-Friendly Beauty Products to Avoid — And What to Look for Instead
healthline - March 05, 2021
"So, what are the benefits for the user? In addition to being easier on the planet, Hollinger notes that products formulated without water "often last longer, as they are more concentrated. The ingredients themselves are also more powerful when they have not been watered down.""
Waterless Beauty Products May Just Be The Future Of The Industry
THE ZOE REPORT - March 05, 2021
"Green your beauty routine with a concentrated solid moisturizing bar."
Ring in the New Year!
Life & Style - December 18, 2020
"Dynamic Duo pairs a refillable + recyclable container with a solid moisturizing serum with 100% clean ingredients. Dermatologist reviewed for all skin types so you can love your skin and our planet."
Holiday Gift Guide
The Zero Waste Collective - November 11, 2020
"SMALL BUT MIGHTY Green your skin routine with the nourishing, calming 100% plastic- and silicone-free DYNAMIC DUO Starter Kit jelly serum that’ll leave both you and the planet glowing."
2020 Holiday Gift Guide: ECO HERO Catergory
Clean Eating Magazine - November 10, 2020
"This is a total game changer - a facial serum, in a bar! Dewmighty's jelly serum bars are long lasting (they typically replace two bottles or two months worth of traditional serum), and have countless benefits for your skin: brightening and evening out skintone, reducing redness and irritation, and promotes a healthy, youthful glow while smoothing the skin. It's suitable for all skin types, is vegan and cruelty free, and dermatologist tested. It comes in a fully recyclable container, and each bar is wrapped in a veggie-coated paper which is compostable so there's nothing to throw in the garbage. There's nothing not to love! "
Cool new low or no-waste products for a greener bathroom
The Marilyn Denis Show CTV - August 11, 2020
"Life is only so long and you don’t want to regret that you didn’t make the leap. If you’ve got the idea and you’ve got the strength to keep moving forward.... that’s when you know."
The Brand talks: DEW MIGHTY
Fifty Elevn - August 04, 2020
"This multi-tasking serum leaves skin feeling healthy, nourished, dewy, smooths lines, evens and tones, banishes redness, combats irritation and can replace so many products in your beauty routine."
20 Organic, Zero Waste Skincare Brands
Going Zero Waste - July 31, 2020
"The advantage with this serum though, is that you get a more practical product that is low-waste. You can travel easier with it because it’s solid, it’s a less messy application than regular oil drops and it’s small and takes up a lot less space. To me, those are pretty great advantages and reasons why I would recommend this product over others."
S U T T O N + G R O V E - July 19, 2020
"“We don’t want to just continue to do the bare minimum and have something that’s slightly better.”"
For New Brand DEW Mighty, Great Skincare Shouldn’t Come At An Environmental Cost
Beauty Independent - July 29, 2020
Finalist Blue Beauty Awards- Zero Waste
Finalist Blue Beauty Awards - Packaging Innovation
Finalist Los Angeles Business Journal - Clean Beauty Brand of the Year
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