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Triplet Jelly Serum Bars for Joyful Swiping!

A triple threat of 3 Jelly Serum Bars to last for approximately 3-6 months depending on area of use. Avoid shipping waste and enjoy economical savings by buying three serums together. Keep the bars in their packaging until you are ready to open and replenish in your refillable container.


Solid Skin Serum? Hello Jelly Serum Bar!

We put together a no-nonsense omega rich formula based on Jojoba, Olive, and Squalane that activates when swiped to Nourish + Calm your skin. BLOOM is enriched with lush floral oils each containing naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants to help keep the skin balanced and radiant.  We even the appearance of skin tone with stabilized vitamin C and help tame redness with a specialized licorice extract combined with German blue chamomile. Skin dryness and stressors won’t stand a chance.

✅ Adds Light + Long Lasting Nourishing Moisture
✅ Evens Spots & Brightens Tone
✅ Calms + Reduces Redness & Inflammation
✅ Smooths & Keeps Skin Youthful Glow

BLOOM actively promotes a healthier appearance and superior moisturization for all skin types.


We average 60 days of use or 120 applications*

FREE OF: Plastic, Fillers, Water, Preservatives, Gluten, Animal Products, Synthetic Fragrance and Dyes. Full ingredient description


Period After Opening is 24 months




***Container of veggie coated paper should be composted or recycled. Please do not discard.
*60 days is considered with twice daily average application on face.

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