Politique d'expédition

I placed an order, How long will it take to receive product?

We have a goal to ship within 2 days. You should see shipping notifications with tracking information once the product leaves our offices.


What is your Return Policy? 

Within 5 days of receiving your order if you should have any issues please contact us so we can help with the next steps. We want receiving our product to be a joyous experience while still keeping our shipping footprint low.


Who pays for duties if I live in Canada? 

The duties required for your area code will be applied at checkout. We are a US based company and hope to have stores in Canada carry us soon! Any taxes, Duties, or Tariffs are paid for by the customer.


How do I receive free Domestic shipping if my cart adds to $60 or more? 

Please use the shipping code at checkout "EARTHJOY" so we can ship your product to you for free in the US (with a max limit of $10) Without this code we cannot offer free shipping. 


Where can we product currently ship to?

We are able to ship to the US and Canada at this time.