What do you mean by Circular or Zero Waste Beauty?
DEW MIGHTY relates back the concept that if we can circulate the products we use and throw away less into the waste bin we are eliminating a linear consumption pattern. This is why we will always have a buy once container that will be refilled, use sustainably sourced or upcycled ingredients, and evaluate suppliers based on high performance actives as well as support fair trade business practices. Our pillars to the company are: Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, and at last resort Recycle. All aspects of our brand are thoughtfully considered and analyzed for as little waste as possible (R&D, manufacturing, containers, ingredients, and more!) without plastics. This is the very core of our company practices and it is meant to always be mindful of our low impact to planet Earth.
Are you a 100% plastic free company?
We carefully choose our product ingredients, packaging, and shipping materials to be plastic free when you buy from us. That is unique to us as many companies will hide plastics in their supplier shipments while we strive to eliminate this need. We wrote a whole blog on what we define as plastic! Our suppliers are always notified to ship our product orders without single use plastic wrappings and work with us to uniquely source solutions for our shipments (which we hope trickles down to their other customers!). We want to point out we do live in an imperfect system so any materials that are mistakenly used in our orders or are unavoidable will either be reused or recycled so we still prevent as much landfill waste as possible.
Are you vegan and cruelty-free?
We sure are! Certified vegan and cruelty-free by Peta and Leaping Bunny. We do not ever test on any animals and do our studies on people that to ensure safety and use on sensitive skin.
How do you verify your claims?
We use clinical data to ensure we are using ingredients at the correct studied dose. We also transparently provide origin and thorough ingredient information because not all ingredient names equal the same performance. We go above and beyond to ensure you get the same quality product each and every order. We also use third party objective laboratories to stability test our final formulas, perform safety studies with dermatologists, to ensure a proper shelf life and zero irritation for our products on all panelists -which is very difficult to achieve but we always set the bar high. This ensures that the active ingredients all remain functional to deliver performance results time and time again. Be wary of companies who cannot support this type of rigor for their products. This is not a US requirement but it is a requirement for us here at DEW MIGHTY. This is also why we mention "created and intended for all skin types."


Can I use my own existing jar or component to store the product?
We do compatibility testing on our own packaging for 24M PAO which can be negatively affected when using a different packaging material. If you do decide you have a container you would like to use, please ensure its placed in a clean and dry container and adheres to our recommended storage of 20oC-25oC without prolonged direct exposure to light. Container material can affect shelf life and PAO which is why we recommend our refill product containers.
The products are so unique... what is the best way to learn about applications and directions?
Our products can be used multiple times a day depending on your skin needs. Check out our APPLICATIONS & DIRECTIONS page. We also share a lot of information on our Instagram account if you want to follow along and learn more about our company and products: LET'S BE FRIENDS
How do you estimate number of applications of your products?
Our estimates are based on twice daily facial use for our BLOOM, NOVA, OASIS MINI, and LUCID. LUCID us is based on pea-sized amount for cleansing. If products are used in additional areas or for larger applications the product can be used more quickly than anticipated. Check out the product descriptions for more information related to use amount and product estimated longevity.
How many applications before the Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder is fully consumed?
We tested for approximately 160 cleanses (average) on the face when purchasing the IMMACULATE DUO (contains a filled permanent container and filled refill tube). A little goes a long way for our concentrated powder. Use will vary per client based on amount poured out and the area of the skin it is applied. If using it for a mask this will consume about 3-4 times more of the amount to cover the face so if you are an avid mask user the product will be consumed faster than as a cleanser. If purchasing a LUCID refill, we tested for approximately 70 cleanses (average) on the face for our recommended dose.
Do I add water to my solid Jelly Bars?
No, the technology is meant to be just like other beauty serums and moisturizers in a unique solid form. Rub the bar directly on your skin or pat in from massaging into hands with no need for water.
Will your products melt or need heat to activate?
No, we have created the technology to be travel friendly and resistant to normal outdoor temperatures. The product will resist a wide range of temperatures! We do recommend you store it in 20-25oC (around 75oF) without direct contact with sunlight to ensure long term freshness of the product for the best possible quality overall of your actives. We also DO NOT activate by heating in the skin. The product is skin compatible and released by absorption and swiping onto skin.
How are your products leak proof?
Since we formulate without water, and test our robust containers to withstand daily use on the go, our products will not leak when in use. No longer do you need to worry about liquids ruining your favorite bags or clothes.
I have crushed or broken the bar, what do I do now?
Keep the pieces and use them until fully consumed! The product will still work in small pieces and with a little swiping and rubbing between your fingers the small pieces should still be viable for your use. You might need a little extra patience but the bar will continue to deliver serum even in small pieces. Here is a great video to consider: VIDEO
I purchased a Deluxe Sample of the Jelly Bars and it crumbled after several uses.
We had to make a decision about the best way to temporarily try out our products while still striving zero waste. The samples we created are prone to breakage if they are applied with heavy pressure. slow and careful swiping is best. Don't forget, strive zero waste samples normally don't exist, so we created something rather amazing that takes a little bit more care than our retail size.
How is DEW MIGHTY products preservative free?
The products we create do not contain water or other microbe loving materials which is a necessity for microbial growth in products. We pick the purest form for our ingredients to produce a concentrated format. Our products do not contain traditional preservatives and none are added into our final formula. We have done the necessary safety testing to prove they are not required for the shelf life of our products (24m PAO).
What's the best way to clean my containers prior to refilling?
We do recommend you clean the permanent container prior to refilling with each new refill. Spritz with a high purity alcohol (70% or higher) and immediately wipe dry with a clean towel or cloth. We do not recommend submerging with soap and water for our containers due to the chance of rusting when contacting the under rolled edges or scuffs.
What does it mean to be Micro-batched and Artisanally created?
We make the products in its most optimized batch size to ensure freshness and quality. Many beauty companies hire large contract manufacturers to produce their products and batch hundreds of thousands or even millions of units at a time which can lead to a range of quality standards. We will batch the same amount time and time again to ensure the same process and the same quality every time you receive your product. Some very slight variances in color can occur due to the natural ingredients but do not effect the performance of our products. We average batching time of less than 60 days upon shipping your product to provide the best in performance and quality.


Where do my packages ship from?
DEW MIGHTY is based in Hermosa Beach, California USA so your packages will ship from our location. No logistics companies here! Real people pack your packages and ensure to uphold our high plastic and strive zero waste standards. If you are looking for a local shop to test us out or buy from we can help with that! Reach out to us if you would like more information on a local retailer and we will help you find one by emailing dewmighty@gmail.com.
Do you sell in my country and can I receive your packages?
There are a few countries we currently do not ship to. If you type in your shipping information our system should notify you right away if it is possible to receive our packages. We currently do not ship to China due to their animal testing standards and few other remote locations.
Are the extra fees after checkout? I am being requested to pay additional fees for my package.
We ship "delivered at place" (DAP). Also called delivered duty unpaid (DDU). This term indicates that the seller is only responsible for shipping the product, and that the customer is responsible for paying any import costs to the shipping carrier, such as VAT, duties and clearing fees, upon delivery. Please note these are not included in checkout.
What is the best way to enter in shipping information to ensure speedy delivery?
We now require a phone number help us contact you in case of an issue or for local shippers internationally. Having both email and phone numbers are required for international shipments. All shipping information must be entered in English for the proper customs process. If a mistake is made in shipping address information or in entering this information upon checkout there are additional costs to reship returned packages.
I am having issues inputting my address and the system is notifying me that there is an error. What do I do now?
Our systems links directly to shipping providers and we have experienced a few issues with USPS first class packages regarding customer addresses. One solution is to try a surrounding city name and corresponding zip code that may encompass your area. You can also switch to a different shipping method as some of the other providers do not have this issue. Email us at dewmighty@gmail.com and we can find a quick solution for your issue.
What are the different shipping methods to choose from? Which one is right for me?
USPS Ground: This is the lowest cost option available through the US post office. We offer this to make shipping more affordable to our customers. It is considered UNINSURED and UNGUARENTEED. This means if your pacakge is lost by the carrier there is no way to reimbursed the value of your product and the delivery date is not guarenteed. If shipping time and insurance is important to you please choose Priority Mail. This first class option requires 30 days to deliver upon package scan before a lost claim can be filed on the package. USPS Priority Mail: 2-3 day delivery across the continuous 48 US states with limited value insurance provided by the carrier. There is no guaranteed delivery date and this is estimated timing by USPS as this is still estimated. USPS Priority Mail Express: Fastest USPS option with INSURANCE and scheduled delivery date. UPS Ground: Lowest cost option by UPS that can arrive from 1-5 days and is not considered insured if the carrier loses your package. There is no guaranteed delivery date and this is estimated timing by USPS as this is still estimated. UPS Next Day Air: Fastest option for UPS delivery with insurance provided by the carrier.
I placed an order, How long will it take to receive product?
We pack and ship within 48 hours and usually exceed this timing and get packages out same day or within 24 hours. You may see a slight delay if orders are placed on weekend dates or on a National Holiday and does not count to the packing and shipping time. You should see shipping notifications in an email with tracking information once the product leaves our location. We have been notified and are experiencing delays when shipping domestically and internationally if first class mail or standard ground is chosen. If speedy arrival is important please choose Priority, 2nd Day Air, or 3rd Day Air to have guaranteed dates provided by the shipping companies. Please reach out to us if you have questions and we will do our best to help with any shipping issues. We do not have control over carriers once a package leaves our facility but most carriers will allow you to sign up for text alerts which is the best real time information available.
My order has shipped but not yet arrived. What can I do?
We will do our best to track and help with a shipment. Please email us your questions to dewmighty@gmail.com and we can guide you through adding text alerts for your order based on your provided tracking information. Scans are conducted by the shipper and are not always accurate. We cannot issue refunds on orders based on delays so please choose carefully if timing is important to receiving product. We cannot guarantee the estimated shipping times provided by the carriers are accurate and are dependent on shipping volume and their accuracy. Please also read about carrier options and timings as this will help answer many the questions you might have.
I have a subscription I would like to modify or cancel, How do I do that?
You can modify your subscription at any time in the automated subscription link that is sent in your notification emails when a subscription is chosen at checkout. We require 24 hours in advance of a subscription charge to cancel an upcoming order. Any subscription already shipped cannot be refunded. Please not that every product on a subscription has a unique portal link to your account to manage the subscription. This is also the location you will need to update changes to your shipping address. Email us if you need help making changes and we would be glad to help dewmighty@gmail.com.
What is your Return Policy?
We are a small business and do not accept any returns of opened or used products (did you know retail stores destroy your returned products contributing to landfill waste?). Please consider our deluxe sample or testing in a local store if you are trying to test our product prior to a starter kit purchase.
My package is lost and the tracking is not updating (I did not purchase Route Insurance) what do I do now?
We allow 4 weeks for your package to deliver from the date your package tracking shows "shipped." USPS allows for a lost claim 30 days after a package has started transit and not delivered with no updated tracking. If you would like a faster response, please file a claim with USPS. If it is an international USPS package you will want to contact GLOBAL POST. DEW MIGHTY is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged packages once it leaves our offices but we will work very hard to retrieve and try to track down a package for you.
Who pays for duties if I live in a different country?
The duties required for your area code will be applied at checkout or charged by the local shipper based on country requirements. We are a US based company and hope to be stocked in stores worldwide very soon! Any taxes, duties, or tariffs are paid for by the customer when ordering from us directly.
I live outside the U.S. and my package is taking weeks to reach me. Should I be worried?
We have seen unprecedented shipping delays due to the pandemic and busy seasons. We are also aware that shipping scans and tracking are not always accurate. This is out of our control as this is conducted by the shipper. We always pack orders and ship within 48 hours from our location but have found that it can be upwards of 6 weeks to process international shipments leaving the US into other countries (partly due to customs). If you need us to investigate further please shoot us a message and we will help anyway we can to track your package and give you instructions on how you can receive updates. The impact of COVID-19 has made shipping more unpredictable but we will always do our best to find more information and expedite your order whenever possible.


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