Harken back to the days of word blending and a single word could say it all: “turducken” “bromance” or in the case of couples “Bennifer.” Now we have the trend of SKINIMALISM which combines the common words of skin + minimalism for the concept of simplicity and healthy skin.

In this era of embracing your uniqueness Skinimalism personifies loving your skin as it is and the products to keep it in its most healthy state. First and foremost, let’s not forget, skin functions as our first line of defense (aka barrier) to outside aggravators. This barrier naturally has pores, freckles, textures, and colorations. Did you know melanin is your skin’s own anti-oxidant? We work hard to choose symbiotic and beneficial actives so skin functions to the best of its ability while looking its healthiest. By supporting a simplistic routine and highlighting your skin’s own natural features, you embrace the very essence of this concept. Do away with fast acting but overpowering actives (retinol, abrasive acids and exfoliators) and heavy coverage makeup, instead promote the healthy glow up your natural skin deserves. DEW MIGHTY has been all about healthy skin with a routine that replaces more than one step from the very beginning. This is why we are so unique: ingredient purity, quality, and effectiveness are always at the forefront of our developed products (described in detail HERE).

When considering the minimal aspect of “skinimalism” multi-functional, best quality, and choosing fewer also support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Sustainability is best considered when less consumption of resources is the first step. Consider a routine that combines a multitude of steps into one. Numerous products that overflow on your counter, each used for one specific need or skin type, can be replaced by a few. In the world of "less is more" you also come to expect the best in performance so any investment is considered quality and only if necessary. Let’s not forget the additional added bonus of time savings in your daily routine and in social media filters!

Check out our USE LESS. DEW MORE™ frame of mind by learning about our hero serum’s multi-tasking applications, directions, and benefits by clicking HERE.


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