Hero Serum Status, Eight Products In One.

Hero Serum Status, Eight Products In One.


Since its launch in 2020, the all-natural BLOOM bar has been lauded for its trailblazing design and powerful formula: a concentrated jelly solid capable of replacing all other skincare products on your shelf. Regular users of our bar have raved about its strengths, including powerful hydration, zero-waste packaging, blemish reduction, and skin-smoothing qualities. But the BLOOM bar goes beyond everyday skincare—it is also a dynamic tool when your skin is in crisis.

BLOOM works its magic with a mix of natural ingredients—including chamazulene (an anti-inflammatory plant extract), stabilized vitamin C, and pure licorice (which targets dark spots)—that work harmoniously with the waterless serum to protect, heal, and restore your skin. You can find the full list of ingredients here, but put plainly, BLOOM will be your skin’s best friend in all seasons, especially if it’s suffering from damage or dryness.

Did you know how versatile the BLOOM bar is? Here are a few of its amazing uses:


People who are bug magnets know the pain of getting covered with red spots every time they leave the house. Mosquitos and other pests can lead to painful, itchy spots that are hard to eliminate (and even harder not to scratch!). Our BLOOM bar targets the frustrating elements of bug bites, including itchiness, redness, and swelling. Within 24 to 48 hours after use, BLOOM calms the skin and knocks out inflammation, so you can enjoy the great outdoors stress-free.


We’ve all been there: you spent a long day at the beach, park, or pool, and forgot to bring the sunscreen. Once your skin reddens, you may have the compulsion to grab a cheap bottle of aloe from the store. However, these water-based gels don’t contain the active plant responsible for soothing the skin, and can turn the “healing” process into a painful, peeling mess. In fact, water has an added sting factor—which is why BLOOM opts for a waterless, omega-rich formula and prioritizes the ingredients that directly help to heal your skin.

Our BLOOM formula protects the skin barrier to lessen your chances of developing burns, as well as treating burns after too much direct sunlight. As a redness reducer, a burn soother, and a hydration powerhouse, BLOOM will ease along the healing process so you can get back out into the sun sooner than later.


One of BLOOM’s greatest strengths is that it works for those with inflammatory skin conditions, including rosacea and eczema. If you aren’t familiar with these conditions, rosacea causes red rashes on the face, while eczema leads to dry, scaly, and itchy patches across the body. Everyone has different triggers for these conditions, from weather to stress, but another huge spark for flare-ups is less-than-ideal skincare formulas loaded with harsh chemicals, such as artificial fragrances, alcohol/ethanol, and retinoids.

I’ve suffered from eczema my entire life, and know the frustration of an unexpected flare-up wreaking havoc on your skin. Scratching it raw and hoping the weeping dotted scabs would just heal quickly.  When developing our hero solid serum, BLOOM, I wanted to ensure there would be great benefits for the product and no triggering responses.

How does BLOOM help calm these conditions? Our bar hydrates the skin, erases redness, and reduces inflammation, making it a magic formula for flare-ups. Our formula works to routinely feed the skin with healthier ingredients so that you can experience better skincare results long-term. Don’t just take our word for it—have a look at our reviews:

I have rosacea, keratosis pilaris, and very dry skin and I haven't found anything that smooths and moisturizes my skin like this…” - Christine, 2021

I have reactive combination skin and this bar has been an amazing addition to my skincare routine.” - Serene, 2022

“I have super sensitive skin especially when it comes to fragrances even in the so-called ‘clean’ products. Dew Mighty is a game changer…” - Kamila, 2021


With so many uses for the BLOOM bar, it will become your go-to item for everything skincare—including the daily basics. When incorporating DEW MIGHTY into your routine (and cutting out the chemical-packed bottles in your cabinet), we recommend pairing our two most popular products: LUCID + BLOOM.

LUCID is a nutrient-rich, antioxidant enzyme powder that cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes your skin without harsh chemicals. This gentle yet powerful formula removes the need for extra face wash, masks, or toner, making it the perfect opener for your morning/nightly skincare routine. Then, follow up with BLOOM to moisturize, protect, and renew, so you can confidently face whatever the day may throw at your skin. For more information on how LUCID + BLOOM work together to eliminate obsolete products, check out our two-step routine page.

Are you ready to start making more sustainable decisions for your skin? Start here. It isn’t magic, it’s science—and it’s what we dew.


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