Natural ingredients, Jojoba, silicoa, monoi de tahiti, squalane, olive, hibiscus, licorice, contained in glass testubes with cork sitting on a woven rug bathed in sunlight next to BLOOM Jelly Serum Bars

If you are familiar with the term slow fashion and embrace the mantra (directly opposes fast fashion) you might also be intrigued to learn more about slow beauty. We interpret this concept to be a mindful way of purchasing thoughtfully created beauty products and investing in key staples. This is meant to remove the habits of overconsuming, overly complex routines, and overwhelming numerous product launch newness. In many respects it supports the “must spark joy“ aspect popularized by Marie Kondo and embraces the conscious review of your bathroom shelf. Afterall, our skin is meant to be a protective barrier and shouldn’t the products we use enhance its health but also bring us happiness? I say absolutely! We break down the five main characteristics that define slow beauty and what it’s all about.

  1. SIMPLIFIED REGIME: Gone are the days of hyper niche products since we now know that 12 step skin care can be overwhelming and excessive without additional noticeable benefits. Slow beauty replaces many products with hero SKUs and highly curated staples.
  2. SUSTAINABLE SOURCING: This includes ingredients and packaging and often is coupled with traceability to each so a consumer can understand where the product is made and if the ethos of the company is beneficial to social and environmental causes.
  3. INGREDIENT EFFICACY FOCUSED: Not only are sustainability practices important but so are the overall ingredient benefits. To be a slow beauty staple requires that the products are results driven.
  4. MULTIPLE USES: Due to the minimalist offering there tends to be a focus on how products can multi-task. It can applied in many ways for a range of benefits and unique applications along with benefits which eliminate multiple beauty steps.
  5. MADE LOVINGLY: Often small batch created or artisanaly developed are a consideration. Similar to haute couture every aspect of the product is controlled by the brand creators or founders so that batch deviations are minimized and the overall product quality is controlled from start to finish.

We consider ourselves at DEW MIGHTY pioneers in slow beauty delivered unbottled and undiluted… Have you seen the number of skin care products we have replaced with our mighty multi-tasker, BLOOM? There are some other great brands bringing slow beauty to conscious consumers so check out the links below for additional articles to discover more in this category.

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