Here at DEW we take the time to consider sustainability of all aspects of our products as well as delivering high impact results.  We have extensive knowledge of the beauty care industry and came to the realization that clean ingredients, best in class formulas, and striving for zero just wasn't available. Brands made you pick between team science or team nature (like one was better than the other?) and another group paraded around greenwashing to try and convince you to buy buy buy. None of that made sense to us here so it was apparent we had to take matters into our own hands. Think about it...  large companies (and stores) have the power financially to support big changes and yet they use their time promoting "sustainability standards" because it is in style. Carbon neutral credits and Tree planting anyone? Yet they continue to make and market products using mostly plastic, pretend recycling or recycle content of packaging will make the difference, and generally turn a blind eye to what goes in a landfill. This is neglect to our Earth. We took the best nature had to offer and scientifically approached sustainability by pairing innovative formulas with customized plastic free packaging (instead of picking something stock). Because your skin is important to us. This is because we use clinical level actives, that deliver noticeable results, dermatologist tested for everyone, but also while striving zero waste.  There are two homes to consider: Our Body & Our Planet and we are happy to create performance driven skincare to help take care of both.


Refuse: Set a positive example. Nothing brings more change than seeing it in action.

Reuse: Use existing items vs purchasing new. Hello Refills!

Reduce: Consume less overall. Less but quality means more bang for your buck!

Recycle: At last resort, additional lifecycles. Since this is a broken system we can't rely on it. 


When I conceived DEW MIGHTY it was out of a desire to create something that didn't exist but I felt was essential: UNBOTTLED SLOW BEAUTY, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, composed of undiluted pure ingredients, that is effective for all skin types. We kept our standards high and knew we could offer products that would outperform conventional options and remove wasteful packaging.

Being in the beauty industry for 15 years made me wonder how is it that the focus turned to only clean ingredients but packaging toxins plus planet health were both ignored? I spent countless days/months/hours perfecting our first formula and researched all packaging materials to create a potent skin care serum that performed as well as the "bottled stuff" but didn’t contribute to landfills. it was a passion but also an obsession for nearly 2 years to figure out this puzzle.

We commit to an unwavering high standard and are grateful for amazing customers who believe in our mission. Thank you for coming along on this journey with us!