HAnding holding coconut filled with refillable containers and solid moisturizing serum bars over a shining blue clear water pool while another coonut is floating in the background.

Clean and Green beauty have become a standard facet for cosmetic brands to tout safe and nontoxic ingredients. What about the consideration of our environment and the company’s impacts? Say hello to Blue beauty.

In the Blue beauty world ingredients, packaging, and company practices are thoroughly analyzed for their overall environmental impact. Blue is considered to be the holistic method of protecting people and planet. I compiled what I felt were the main characteristics to be considered BLUE:

  • INGREDIENTS: Nontoxic and safe considering human contact and environmental impact. Blue beauty takes traceability of organic, wild harvested, and process of sustainable but innovative natural origin ingredients to the next level. Companies work hard to prove reintegration back into soil and water without human,  plant, and animal toxicity.
  • PRIMARY PACKAGING: Long gone are the days of plastic, silicones, or other mixed materials when choosing what houses a formula. Upcycled, Refill, and Reuse are a must and at VERY LEAST easily recyclable non-plastic (harder to achieve than it sounds!). The leaders in the category are finding new innovations in home compostable materials, opting out of materials that are known to be difficult to recycle, and are packaging 100% plastic free while striving for zero waste.
  • SHIPPING: Carbon neutral and plastic free materials in shipping are expected. Blue companies also consider size to eliminate dead air space and go the extra mile to deliver concentrated products so that the frequency of shipping is lessened. Planting trees to replace a carbon footprint is a great start but not the only way they would consider neutrality.
  • OVERALL COMPANY FOOTPRINT: Operational activities, supply chain, consumption of resources (like water and energy), and zero waste goals are prominent for Blue beauty companies. Looking at the whole picture versus a singular piece is essential to achieving this level of

A retailer founded by Jeannie Jarnot ,Beauty Heroes, created Project Blue Beauty to showcase brands in this category and teach others the benefits of “living lighter.”  Check them out in the links below which also includes other Blue beauty brand. DEW MIGHTY was created to love your skin and our Plant so embracing Blue beauty should come to no surprise. We look forward to this higher standard and urge others to adopt a USE LESS DEW MORE™ attitude for the betterment of our Mother Earth.

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