When I conceived DEW MIGHTY it was out of a desire to create something that’s never been made before: UNBOTTLED SLOW BEAUTY, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, composed of undiluted pure ingredients, that is effective for all skin types. We kept our standards high and knew we could offer products that would outperform conventional options and remove wasteful packaging.

I spent countless hours perfecting our first formula and researching packaging materials to create a potent skin care serum that didn’t contribute to landfills. I sought out the most beneficial actives, while stripping out all the nasties, because only the purest goodies should be left for the skin. Preparing our formulas lovingly and developing it alongside custom packaging was like inventing soul mates.

Working with technologies and brands within the beauty industry was a passion of mine for the last 15 years. When I formulated BLOOM Jelly Serum Bar, I knew I had a clear winner when our testing revealed no irritation in all panelist participation. ZERO. We commit to unwavering high standards and creating the best skin care essentials delivered to you plastic free so we can do what is best for your skin and our Planet