Terminology of concentrated, waterless, anhydrous, undiluted, and water-free within the beauty industry is becoming more frequent in product claims. These terms are often used interchangeably and boast unique characteristics comparatively to their H2O abundant counterparts. You might be surprised to learn your average skincare or hair care product contains 65-95% water content within the container you purchase. Which begs the question- should beauty products focus on water conservation and is it needed in our products? We are happy to report there are options to consider in this up and coming category and we review some of the differentiating points.

How are we, at DEW MIGHTY, claiming Concentrated Beauty that is sans water? The ingredients we use from stage of harvest, throughout production, do not contain or come into contact with water. Our solid skincare and powdered cleanser is considered anhydrous and without measurable water activity. This means we conserve and actively preserve water sources while still offering clean and effective skincare. Some of our unique qualities are:

    • Preservatives, Emulsifiers, and Stabilizers were not needed. With no water activity in the formula, microbes aren’t able to thrive so the need for preservatives are eliminated. Without having the traditional lipophilic and hydrophilic phases to combine for an emulsion there is no longer a need to stabilize and emulsify the formula.
    • Due to our unique technologies we also are wax free in comparison to other types of solid formulas.
    • Your skin is meant to be a barrier for front line protection of the body and is considered waterproof. Anhydrous skincare when properly formulated can improve the barrier function while still promoting healthy skin appearance.
    • You can have similar or higher number of applications within a smaller format. This also improves our shipping footprint and overall storage footprint. The Jelly Serum Bar averages 40-65 uses before disappearing which can equate to a month or more of use.

Clean water is an essential resource and while it covers 70% of our Planet only 1% of fresh water can be accessed. According to the World Wildlife Organization, two-thirds the world’s population may face severe water shortages by 2025 and nearly 2.7 billion people worldwide find that water is scarcely available 1 month out of the year.

It might surprise you that according to National Geographic, the average American lifestyle demands 2,000 gallons a day to support.” We do want to note that 70% of the consumption is contributed to our diets which is also why DEW MIGHTY will only develop certified vegan beauty care.

With facts and figures like these we urge everyone to make any changes to help conserve this precious resource. We have several links below you can read further on how to support these efforts or find beauty products to try in this category.



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