Here at DEW MIGHTY we take the time to consider sustainability of all aspects of our products as well as delivering effective results. We realized we have two homes to take care of: Our Body & Our Planet. We have extensive knowledge of the beauty care industry and came to the realization that clean ingredients, best in class formulas, and striving for zero waste was not available to the public. Too often the wasteful nature of skin care packaging is overlooked and transparency is not provided to customers to make thoughtful product decisions. We focus on innovative formulas & minimal packaging so you can focus on beautiful skin and preventing landfill waste. We consider this way of creating products as being NUDE BUT NOT NAKED™. 


Refuse: Set a positive example.

Reuse: Use existing items vs purchasing new.

Reduce: Consume less overall.

Recycle: At last resort, additional lifecycles.



RESULTS MATTER. We don't make products for the sake of having something to sell. It has to be a multi-tasker that can travel and has a grade A+ in performance while still meeting our standards of plastic free and zero waste! That’s why we started an entire brand with one hero product, the Jelly Serum Bar: BLOOM (Nourish + Calm). You might ask yourself how can this be? It's all  from our choice of highly pure materials, used at clinical levels, balanced to work in synergy, and tested by Dermatologist run panelist studies. We don't messagings round here. Google is great and all, but science is our best friend. Think about it... skin is the first line of defense for your body. It's often assaulted from internal and external elements. By working with powerhouse natural based ingredients and simplifying the routine we bring skin back to healthy and happy. So it's a no brainer: we support a simplistic beauty regime to be applied as many times as needed, is multifunctional, and will always benefits all skin types (yup even sensitive and eczema proved!).



We are aware that there is no perfect system to reducing our waste footprint which is why we support everyone’s positive changes- small or large. To that point we are committed to make more informed choices easy and encourage any questions you might have. We don’t shy away from learning about new technologies if they improve our processes and support our mission. We plan to be the leaders in concentrated beauty products that will benefit your skin while arriving to you as unwrapped as possible. Try them for yourself and tell us what you think!