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Kickstart your zero waste skin skincare routine with our best seller! We paired our one-of a-kind solid jelly serum with a refillable permanent container for two months of skin care. We are a no-nonsense omega rich formula based on jojoba, olive squalane, and lush floral actives to create the best nourishing moisture to promote healthy skin glow for all skin types. Vegan, Cruelty Free, Artisanly Batched in California, Water Free, Concentrated, Undiluted, Strive for Zero Waste and Plastic Free. Patent Pending.
Adds light long lasting nourishing moisture, evens tones and spots, calms redness and irritations, smooths and keeps ski's youthful glow. Single bar equals two dropper bottles from ever being made and no waste
Need to refill your serum and already own a carrier? We created the TRIFECTA REFILL to save you time and money.
Container is made from recyclable materials that have been rigor tested for robustness and long term use. Do not expose to water. Learn more on our materials HERE.

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