Our BLOOM Jelly Serum Bar is a concentrated and water-free compact form that is consciously put together for the best in skincare and eco friendly living. The weight, size, and shape beat all other skincare products that ship water, perpetuate waste, and utilize fillers to bulk up product size. We have taken the top 15% of a skin care formula and made it 100% of BLOOM.

✅ Single BLOOM Jelly Serum Bar averages 120 applications.

✅ Highest purity of each ingredient to deliver amazing skin benefits used at balanced and tested levels.

Leaping Bunny cruelty free certified.

Peta vegan and cruelty free certified.

 Safe and clean materials: reviewed with a "GREEN" safety rating.

Dermatologist safety reviewed 50 person panel with ZERO irritation scores for everyone & sensitive skin testimonials.

✅ Replaces traditional serums, creams, lotions, milks, and moisturizers.



❌ Fillers like water, waxes, preservatives, toxic ingredients

❌ Fragrances or synthetic colorants

❌ Plastic or landfill packaging

❌ Gluten  

❌ Animal products


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